About us

INDUSTRIA CITROLAC S.A. It is a small family-run argentine company, dedicated to the production of products and formulated to be applied in the food industry, standardized and tailored.

Since its inception, in 1982 the company was characterized by solving the requirements of its customers by providing professional and technical advice, as well as making available its experience to accompany developments, facilitate processes, improve existing products or collaborate in the market launch of New finished products.

In order to offer high quality raw materials to an audience that is more demanding every day, infrastructure adjustments were made a few years ago, new work procedures were implemented under the light of the food safety standard, extending the spectrum to the celiac population with the certification of the gluten-free establishment. These certifications made it possible to strengthen the commitment to quality by prioritizing internal objectives and outside doors.

This is how the INDUSTRIA CITROLAC S.A. work team assumed that the work spirit must be channeled in the regulations of good practices, with continuous improvement being the challenge that each member of the company must take to sustain a climate of constant training and growth. This is how the presentation is made and both the products and the solutions to the industry are marketed, making the commercial link based on belief to obtain the best expected results.


Our products

We have the highest quality products

Quality management

Endorsing our commitment to quality, we implement a management system aimed at continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, adaptation to new trends and technologies.

We control the raw materials and finished products in our laboratory equipped to perform physicochemical analysis, complementing other types of controls with external laboratories.



Collet 856 / (B1849DZN) Claypole
Provincia de Buenos Aires - Argentina


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